Meet Brandon

My favorite Roadtripper

While we are just getting started, I figured it would be appropriate to introduce the other members that will make a regular appearance on the blog. The Lenzen fam wouldn’t be here without the guy above ^^ He’s our biggest supporter & we wouldn’t be able to do half the things we do if he wasn’t so willing to go along with our… ok, my, crazy ideas.

Brandon is truly fantastic. Sure, no one can get on my nerves as much as he does, but there is absolutely no one else I would want to be annoyed by in life 🙂 He is wicked talented with all things design, is my own personal “Tim the Tool Man Taylor”, and can do voice impersonations better than anyone I know. Brandon is a loyal and loving husband and I’m lucky he’s mine!

One of his many talents- Falling asleep before the plane even takes off

B, as I call him, will share insight on the blog from time to time. I told him I was creating a post all about him and asked if he was willing to introduce himself. Who better to describe Brandon than Brandon? Here’s what he had to say:

My name is Brandon and I am married to the Gypsy Housewife! Ash and I started our journey 15 years ago when I bumped into her and her amazing long legs one February night in Atlanta. I was a sophomore in college and, to that point, had done a fair amount of adventuring. One thing led to another, and before you know it we had wedding bands, three kids, started a company, and were hit with an ever-growing urge to see new places. After seeing foreign soil through the lenses of our three children, I knew there was more to raising a family than homework, soccer practice, and the rush of day to day life. We have traveled with each child from a very young age, so they are well accustomed to a changing environment and know how to go with the flow in order to see amazing places. One of my greatest joys is to listen to my kids share their experiences with anyone that will give them a chance.”

He kept it short and sweet 🙂 Next up, I’ll introduce our kiddos and then you’ll know us all! -Xoxo

B adventuring in India
I hope we are still traveling the world when we are old and grey ❤


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