Welcome to The Gypsy Housewife

Hi Friends! I’m Ashley!

I’m a wife of almost twelve years, mom to three, and victim of a terrible travel bug. I spend my days helping my husband with our company, playing taxi/chef/housecleaner and cuddler to our elementary age kids, eating way too much Mexican food, and thinking about the next time we can steal away.

While the blog is new, it is something I have been thinking about for years. I’ve spent many a night cycling through ideas of how to fill pages and pages of online real estate, only to never follow through. I’ve talked myself out of this venture many times, my inner voice constantly reminding me how many bloggers there are in this big old world. Fast forward to last week on vacation when my husband voiced ideas that mirrored mine and, voila, The Gypsy Housewife was born. I threw all caution to the wind and joined the blogging bandwagon. If nothing else, this will turn into a nice place for my kids to look back on someday and realize their mom was the one to bring adventure into their lives ( even if they do like to call me the “fun police”).

So, friends, let’s create some content, start some conversations and allow the internet to bring us together from all over the globe. So why will I chat mostly about travel? Glad you asked. Since a young age, I have loved the feeling of my feet on new soil and am the most alive when exploring somewhere I have never been. If I’m not on vacation, I’m planning one. I can spend endless amounts of time researching places across the world and never bore of hearing about one’s adventure. There is so much to learn from travel, and so many teachers! Have somewhere neat that you’ve been, I’d love to hear about it! Do you have questions about somewhere I’ve posted, ask me!

Enough rambling for now! The housewife in me must feed the children 🙂 Before you go, check out my Instagram and subscribe to follow along as my family and I share pictures, tips, and ideas on how we quench our Gypsy souls.


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